You Drivin Me Craisin…Again!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and if you like raisins, then behold this woman. Despite the beauty, this is a blurry picture, mostly because I tried to find a side by side picture, by doing the least work possible, but below this text there is a picture of Delia von Meyer, the SECOND person to portray the sunhat wearing, raising picking Sun-Maid girl – years after Lorraine Petersen had the honor in 1916. I tried to look for better pictures and information on von Meyer but apparently being a widely known raisin picker does not warrant you a Wikipedia page, or even too many pictures on google! Readers should find more pics, this does not do von Meyer justice – either way, pretty interesting, no?


What is more interesting is that Delia von Meyer responded to me and helped me fix the incorrect information of the article! Apparently this picture was taken around the time of her marriage in Reno in 1963, and has been the last Raisin-Maid girl since 1970! God bless her, her husband and daughters.

Put some Sun-Maid raisins on a piece of cheese, and wrap it around a banana and you have a very diabetic yet tasty snack! You can also dip it the banana in chocolate, with the raisins. I learned it on TV when I was a kid. I was a fat kid. For more raisin recipes, visit some site or just google raisin recipes…

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