The Succulent Graip

It can be red or purple, it can be green,

Eaten by the fat and eaten by the lean,

Give them to your kid, or feed them to your cats,

Find it abundant in fruit baskets and hats,

Eat it off the tree, or fry it in a skillet,

Grapefruits have nothing to do with it,

Small, round and succulent, and it might have seeds,

Dip it in whipped cream before you do the deed,

Put it in fruitcake; stuff them in a pie,

Chew don’t just swallow so you won’t die,

Decorate with fake ones on your table to dine,

Step on them with bare feet to make some wine,

Squeeze it, squish it, bite it and change its shape,

It will always be a juicy little colorful grape!

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