Rai-Zin of Fire

Dragons are cool. Fire is cool. Except those douchey fiery dragons from Pokemon. Other than that, games about dragons are cool! There is this game, played a few hundred years ago, who knows exactly when, where you can get drunk, and act like dragons. This game is so cool, even Shakespeare wrote about it. Or if you don’t like Shakespeare, then keep in mind that Agatha Cristie also wrote about this game. And if you don’t like to read at all, then you probably shouldn’t be playing such a dangerous game, and go back to your mom’s basement and play video games.

You need a lot of Brandy and beers, Raisins/Grapes, either one works, and a lighter (but preferably matches to keep the classical look of the game). Get a large bowl or cauldron preferably, again for the classic look. Now, dump all the brandy in the cauldron, and throw in the Raisins/Grapes, and turn off all the lights around you and light the booze on fire. The game is called SNAP-DRAGON, and the point is to reach in and grab the Raisins/Grapes from the fire without burning your hands (so don’t be stupid, wear sleeveless shirts) – but here is the cool part, because of the Brandy, the fire will burn blue, and with the darkness the floating grapes and such will look awesome! But here’s the even cooler part, when you pick up the Raisin/Grape, it will still be on fire, and you have to pick it up, throw it in your mouth and close your mouth quickly as to extinguish the fire; now with the darkness and the eerie color of blue alcohol burning, and as you successfully put the blazing Raisin/Grape in your mouth, you will look like a dragon, with fire-breathing abilities. Chemistry, History and fun all in the same game! Oh yeah, the beers are so you can get drunk while you do it. So, try this at home! Of course Graips.com and its constituents is not responsible for any maimed faces or burned idiots that might have resulted from this experiment.

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