Ouch! My Graips!

The human mind is a wide ballroom of vast possibility. Would you grab the hand of that person across the room, and connect with them, or do you delve deeper into the basement to dig out some of our seediest dreams and emotions? As many of our readers might know, we as a human race are a sick fetishistic society, whether we like to admit it or not – and those who say: “oh no, I’m not into these things,” is lying, because they just haven’t found their fetish yet. But if you all would read some of Richard von Krafft Ebbing’s interesting pieces, you would know the deepest desires of humanity. To keep the theme going, I would like to teach some of you about “Crush Fetish.” Many of you might know this, but many people are actually aroused when witnessing someone, often of the opposite sex, crushing something with their feet – be it grapes, bugs, or even birds. Some people have written that they become sexually flustered when watching beautiful people make wine, because of stepping on them – by the way, I like wine as much as the next guy (which is probably not that much), but who else thinks that its disgusting that we drink something that was under someone’s bare feet? I saw a movie once where this man was aroused by a woman stepping on his scrotum…. pretty detailed. But as I always say, to each his own. well I didn’t say it, someone a long time ago did. Anyways, its real! Look it up! I myself will attempt to crush some animals later and see how I feel about it. Also, ladies, DO NOT step on your boyfriend’s scrotum unless he specifically asks you to. Or if he forgets your birthday or something.

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