Holy Graips

As a medical student, one may experience many new things. Some beautiful, some not so beautiful, and some…well let’s just say different. One incident i remember in particular was my first scrub-in, or first surgery that i had participated in. We were asked by our Urology doctor to attend some procedures, and decided to go for it! We all needed some adrenaline in our life and when the doctor asked who’d like to scrub in, you better bet it was me. The surgery was a Jaboulay procedure, a corretcive procedure for a hydrocele in which fluid accumalates grossly around the testes from an abnormal communication with the abdomen. The only thing i saw walking into the theater  was a pair of huge Graips (we can all assume what the Graips refer to) on the operating table, all draped up. Graips in drapes you can say. Needless to say, i was overwhelmed.  The objective was to puncture the tinea around the testicles, evacuate the fluid, and suture the tinea in a reversed manner to prevent the reaccumalation and recurrence of the hydrocele. Thanks to our professor, there was no room to sit back and watch. This was an invasive procedure and we were getting invasive. The procedure only lasted half an hour and i was elbow deep in Graip juice by the time it was over but one thing i can tell you for sure, it was an experience i definitely would not forget anytime soon.

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