Graip Fluid

We are going to veer away from the concept of grapes a little bit, so people can start posting their useless opinions and weird stories. But here is something fruit related – most of us know that the things we eat and put in our bodies everyday end up being secreted by our excretory fluids – mostly through urine and feces, but also sweat. That is why if you eat a lot of garlic, you can actually smell it on your skin. Another fluid that contains some of our everyday edibles is sexual fluids – apparently if you consume a lot of dairy, the smell and taste of your semen and vaginal fluids will be quite pungent and tangy, and if you eat a lot of chicken and fish, your fluids will smell and taste like fish – and yes, that is why sometimes it smells like fish (you know what I mean). One thing you can do to improve the smell and taste of your fluids is eat a lot of juicy fruits – grapes and mangoes. Studies have shown that citrus foods are very sharp and are secreted strongly through our semen and vaginal secretions – many people actually eat orange and lime peels, which are called hesperidium, containing the leathery outside rind as well as the zest of the citrus, because the essential oils are secreted as they are. This is one step further than the flavored condom, now we can all think of an orange when going down on our partners. By the way, it takes about five, six days for the peels to take effect, so if you try eating an orange while getting head, it probably won’t work.

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