Graip Dane

I am just as surprised as you are to find as many things about grapes as I have so far – like for instance the connection grapes, raisins and chocolate have together. Like for instance all three things are very tasty when packed together in a bar, usually from Galaxy. Another interesting little tidbit is that all three can kill your dog. Yes, most people, or actually some people know that dark chocolate is toxic for dogs to eat, who the hell knows why, but there is some inability for them to digest the chemicals in it or something, who cares I’m not a science teacher, but what is even more interesting is that there is also a correlation between dogs eating raisins and grapes, and renal failure. In the case that I read, about 40% of the dogs that were given grapes went into acute kidney failure, with many of them dying – vomiting and suffering diarrhea being the initial and most severe symptoms (aside from death obviously) – so if you’re feeding grapes to get back at your dog, you are the one who will end up cleaning it up. So DON’T give your dog grapes. Or do, if you really hate your dog.


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