Fight Night at the US Open


Raw Video: According to witnesses, a young fan dropped f-bombs during US Open and then got into a brawl when confronted by other attendees.



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  1. See society is fucked if you get into an? altercation with an older person the younger person involved is straight away accused due to their stamina, strength, youth etc never equally accusing both sides!!!!

  2. that guy didnt do anything wrong. i would fuck that old man up for putting his hands on? me. fucking old bag.? just cause that old shit was old doesnt mean hes innocent.

  3. the man with the camera your just as big a? pussy as the one tighting the old man.. he is twice his age u dumb fucking asshole, push the guy away and then its over instead of pushing him over the seats so he falls face first. pussy

  4. yeah and as far as i can tell he just pushes her away and wtf the old man attacks the young man and then the wife or whatever hits the young man because the old one feel over in his assault. i hate the way all thoses? other men cant keep their nose in their own busines and start to gang up on him poor guy

  5. well if the old man starts? a brawl he asks for a smack himself and if the woman then starts to smack him well… she should see one coming her way as well..

  6. just because that old man doesn’t agree with obama’s/another candidiates speech doesn’t mean he’s allowed to get up and punch obama/another canidate. Same applies here even if the young guy was saying foul languages not directed at the old man.? Once that old man tried to punch the young man the old man is committing a serious felony and the young man has the? right to self defense. No one is special and this old man shouldn’t be considered above the law.

  7. How was the face made?? With facegen? You’ve showed that it is possible to make alone a good animation, in high quality. Like “Star Trek Aurora”! Ok, you have udes the desert, because it’s an more easy environment, but more is alone not possible. A city etc. is too much!

  8. I can’t belive this discussion “How would win?”
    Superman can only be killed with green Kriptonite or by turning the sun red, the Hulk’s to dumb to even notice that, therefore they’d figth until Hulk’s rage does down and? he turns back to Bruce or Superman get’s tired of figthing and he grabs him and sends him to the Sun, if he survives I don’t think the Hulk can jump 150 000 000 km = 93 205 678.835 miles…

    EASY!!! XD

  9. i think absorbing radiation? is enough for hulk to survive, not to mention his ability to adapt which means he doesn’t require eat,drink,breath or sleep.

  10. i think absorbing radiation is enough for hulk to survive, not to mention his ability to adapt which? means he doesn’t require eat,drink,breath or sleep.

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