What the Duck?


For some reason I came upon a page involving animal sexual behavior, and learned (unfortunately) that ducks are sick sick bastards. Actually who am I to judge, we all have our own impulses, why just yesterday I saw a librarian eating a banana, and I got that rape-y look in my eye. Ducks however, are much more physical (to the left is either a duck penis or a duck ejaculation, just fyi). According to a science magazine (references available upon request) ducks are known to exhibit a large array of sexual behaviors including rape, violent rape, necrophilia and homosexuality. Also, after a duck has lain with a female duck to procreate, it will have no need for that specific partner, and up to 19% of ducks in a population actually end up with another partner from the same sex. For a species that has the sole purpose of population, that is a lot of gay ducks. Dolphins have also been known to indulge in homosexuality. To mix all these three together, a biologist from the Netherlands actually won a Nobel prize for the discovery and documentation of two male ducks that were fighting in the sky, one trying to rape the other, and they crashed into his window, where one died, and the other duck just went for it, and enjoyed a non-consensual, homosexual, necrophilic romp with the dead duck. To me this is fascinating and when I found out about it, my heart reeled at the beauty in the world. Not being sarcastic – actually, I couldn’t stop laughing when I found this video of two bats fornicating, one of which was preforming a blowjob. God isn’t nature beautiful. And the French actually think that THEY invented the blowjob… And yes, I know this is a weird post, but I am in a weird time in my life now, and just trying to educate and give you new subjects for those water-cooler talks… Below is the youtube link of bat fellatio – try not to enjoy it as much as I did….

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