Alexander the Graip

The history of grapes is a long and boring journey starting over 7,000 years ago in the near East. The gatherers, which according to the stereotypical development of humankind were women, found that yeast grew on the skin of grapes, which led to the creation of alcohol. So thank you women for that! The grape conquered Armenian lands initially, and stomped through Persian than Egyptian territories, leaving behind a trail of intoxicated people. Egyptians even had hieroglyphs proving the existence of wine after the cultivation of the purple grape – man those guys worshiped everything. History went on as the grape ended up in the hands of the Phoenicians and the Greeks, who also made wine out of it. It spread to Africa and Europe, and finally to the Americas, and then the whole world was able to enjoy the taste and buzz of the common grape. The moral of this story is – grapes are only good for booze.

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