September 16, 2012

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  • Crush

    Ouch! My Graips!

    The human mind is a wide ballroom of vast possibility. Would you grab the hand of that person across the room, and connect with them, or do you delve deeper into the basement to dig out some of our seediest dreams and emotions? As many of our readers might know, we as a human race […]

  • Sunmaid

    You Drive Me Craisin

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and if you like raisins, then behold this model. This is a bad picture, mostly because I wanted to find a side by side picture, by doing the least work possible, but to the left there is a picture of model Delia von Meyer, the first […]

  • Blue Flame

    Rai-Zin of Fire

    Dragons are cool. Fire is cool. Except those douchey fiery dragons from Pokemon. Other than that, games about dragons are cool! There is this game, played a few hundred years ago, who knows exactly when, where you can get drunk, and act like dragons. This game is so cool, even Shakespeare wrote about it. Or if you don’t like […]