September 5, 2012

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    Holy Graips

    As a medical student, one may experience many new things. Some beautiful, some not so beautiful, and some…well let’s just say different. One incident i remember in particular was my first scrub-in, or first surgery that i had participated in. We were asked by our Urology doctor to attend some procedures, and decided to go […]

  • Go Purple!

    This is an administrative post for all new viewers – we posted many grape-related posts for fun! Mostly to keep the theme going, but we urge you to give us your opinions and stories. I am sure that the percentage of people that will be visiting will have many things to say and discuss – […]

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    You like guns? What about cannons? How about a shotgun-cannon? Used in the 17th and 18th century, this super-cool concept of artillery history is an example of how savage we have developed from sword-fighting. The grapeshot is basically a cluster of steel balls, held together by a sack, and tied in a cluster, and shot at short range from […]

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    Purple Orange

    Graip Fluid

    We are going to veer away from the concept of grapes a little bit, so people can start posting their useless opinions and weird stories. But here is something fruit related – most of us know that the things we eat and put in our bodies everyday end up being secreted by our excretory fluids […]

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    Alexander the Grape

    Alexander the Graip

    The history of grapes is a long and boring journey starting over 7,000 years ago in the near East. The gatherers, which according to the stereotypical development of humankind were women, found that yeast grew on the skin of grapes, which led to the creation of alcohol. So thank you women for that! The grape conquered Armenian […]

  • Mallorca

    Don’t Throw Your Food!

    The island of Mallorca, Spain – not only famous for their large-scale salt-mining companies and steep population growth, but also known to be, like Ibiza, a holiday vacation spot – but not in the last weekend of September – unless you want to get hit with grapes.  Mallorca holds the largest grape throwing festival in […]