September 3, 2012

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  • Through the Grapevine

    Through the Graipvine

    Our website is connected with Twitter and Facebook among others, so you are able to share your stories and connect with other people through multiple social media systems. +2-2

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    Cultivate Your Graips!

    Cultivate Your Graips!

    Go back and edit your Graips accordingly. Make sure your stories are real, and watch people comment and like your Graips – post articles and creative writings for all to see, and choose a category to house your Graips. Enjoy! +1-1

  • Welcome to Graips

    Just arrived home and something crazy happened to you? You have been thinking about it all the way back but you don’t know who to tell. Is it interesting? Is it funny? Then Graip it! This site is for all users to share their cool, weird and funny stories to the world! Write a shared […]